Writing a motivation letter for the visa

Here we give you advice on how to write a motivation letter to include with your visa application.

How do I compose a convincing motivation letter?

In this video, Dr. Ben explains the structure of a motivation letter and what to pay attention to when composing it.

Structure of the motivation letter

In any case, you should write the motivation letter in your own words. Your concrete personal goals must be stated clearly. If you have German language skills up to level A2, you should write the motivation letter in English. If your language skills are at level B1 or higher, write the letter in German. It must be structured as follows and should not significantly exceed one DIN A4 page:


1) Salutation, introduction

  • Salutation ("Dear Sir or Madam")
  • State your name, profession and country of origin. Briefly write why you learned your profession and what grade you graduated with.
  • If you have already acquired proficiency in German, state at what level and mention that you attached the language certificate to your application.
  • Describe your main goal: applying for professional licensing in Germany in order to be able to work in your profession there.


2) Process of professional recognition

  • Describe what the process of professional recognition is. You can obtain information e.g. on the website anerkennung-in-deutschland.de (available in different languages).
  • Explain why you would like to attend a language course at FIA: describe that you will need language courses for professional recognition in Germany, in order to understand subsequent professional language and knowledge courses. You can also refer to the visa §16f: you can apply for it if you still need to gain language proficiency. After completing the language courses and with the approval of the German state health authority you can then apply for the residence title §16d in Germany.
  • If you have already applied for professional licensing in Germany state this and explain that you have already received a confirmation of receipt, which is enclosed in your application.


3) Your professional goals

  • What do you envision your career in Germany to be like? If you already have practical experience, describe it.
  • If you droped out of your career in your home country: you can write that your previous experience can be partially or fully recognized by the state chamber in Germany.
  • Name potential employers in Germany that you have already contacted and write if they have already expressed their interest in hiring you in the future.


4) Why work in Germany?

  • Write why you would like to work in Germany:  what is better about the professional situation in Germany than in your country of origin?
  • Which specializations are you interested in in Germany? Which clinics or practices in the responsible federal state (where you applied for professional licensing) offer you good opportunities?


5) Family and financial background

Briefly explain how you will finance your living expenses and pay for your courses. Does your family support you financially? Have you already paid for your courses or arranged instalments?


6) Ending

Conclude your letter with a short sentence, for example: 

  • "I hope that I have been able to convince you of my motivation."
  • "Yours sincerely"
  • First name last name