Replies from the licensing authority

In this article, we’ll cover the topic professional licensing and look at the different replies that you can receive from the licensing authority.

Granting of your professional license

If you’ve submitted all documents to the licensing authority and successfully passed the recognition tests, you’ll receive your professional license.

Denial of your application for licensure

Very rarely, the licensing authority can deny your application for licensure. The most common reasons are:

  1. Failing the professional knowledge test
    If you fail the professional knowledge test the final time, your application for licensure will be denied.

  2. Incomplete university education
    The licensing authority has determined that your university education is incomplete. Your university education can be considered incomplete for various reasons. Usually the practical year is missing.

If your application has been denied, please contact our FIA consulting team to discuss further options. We are happy to help you on your individual path to professional recognition.