Scheduling an appointment at the embassy

The appointment at the embassy is crucial for your visa application. You have all your documents together and filled out your application form? Then it is time to schedule an appointment at the German Embassy.

Scheduling an appointment at the embassy

In this video, Dr. Ben explains how to best prepare for your interview at the German Embassy.

Schedule an appointment at the German embassy responsible for you. You can schedule an appointment with visa services online.

  • Waiting time for appointments will vary from embassy to embassy and may take between 3 to 6 weeks, sometimes longer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic appointments may not be available at all.
  • It is essential to fill in the registration form correctly. Appointment bookings with incorrect information (misspelled name, wrong date of birth, wrong passport number, etc.) will be cancelled by the embassy.

Go to your appointment at the embassy and hand in the visa application together with all assembled documents and the required fee (in cash).