Course funding from the Employment Agency

The Employment Agency (at your place of residence) can fund your professional qualification, if respective requirements are met. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis by the Employment Agency counsellor.

The Employment Agency can issue education vouchers for all AZAV-certified FIA courses ("Intensive Course Preparation Professional Language Test" and "Intensive Course Preparation Professional Knowledge Test").

Important note

Requirements for funding and proof (documents) needed depend on the Employment Agency.

Get in touch with the Employment Agency responsible for you by sending an e-mail, which states that you want to apply for an education voucher for the course “abc” at the Freiburg International Academy gGmbH, training center xyz and ask what proof/ documents you need to provide. Also, ask for contact details of an official in charge.

You will find your Jobcenter’s e-mail address online. If not, contact your FIA funding team or your personal contact person, we are glad to help you.


An education voucher covers the entire course fees. Travel costs and test fees are not included in the education voucher. However, you may receive individual support. Please ask your official in charge at the Employment Agency.



  • Place of residence in Germany
  • Valid visa/ residence permit: residence permit for language acquisition or recognition of foreign qualification (§ 16 d, § 16f) as well as family reunification with foreign nationals (§ 29) or spousal reunification (§ 30)
  • Proof of recognition procedure (e.g. receipt or recognition letter; variations may apply depending on Employment Agency)



Step 1

Get in touch with the Employment Agency 6 weeks before course commencement. (Some agencies also provide funding up to one or two weeks before commencement. Be sure to contact the Employment Agency responsible for you and ask.)

Subsequently, you will receive a customer number in the mail; you will always need to provide this number.  


Step 2

Send combined photocopies of all the requested proof/ documents via e-mail to your personal official in charge or to the Employment Agency’s general e-mail address at your place of residency (where you are registered). Do not forget to include your customer number.

The requested proof may vary, thus we recommend informing yourself in advance.

  • Passport
  • Curriculum Vita (CV)
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Valid visa/ residence permit
  • Language certificate (B2 or professional language C1)
  • For funding of a preparation course professional knowledge test: provide a confirmation of participation in a professional language course (C1) if you have not yet passed the professional language test
  • FIA offer letter
  • Receipt or recognition letter
  • Copy of graduation certificate (German translation)


Step 3

When you receive an education voucher, e-mail a copy or foto to your FIA contact person (team consulting and registration) as soon as possible.

Particularities/ further information

Intensive Course Preparation Dental Knowledge Test in Essen or Heidelberg

Inform your official in charge about the two-week-long practical training in Freiburg. Ask about accommodations and travel costs for Freiburg. Be sure that “nationwide” or “not within daily commuting area” is stated on the education voucher under further education location/ limitations!