Application form for the licensure application

Each federal state has a licensing authority which is responsible for issuing licenses. Thus, each authority has an application form of its own. This article explains, using the example of the form from the licensing authority of Baden-Württemberg, what information needs to be provided.

What should you consider when filling out the application form?

In this video, Dr. Ben presents the application form and explains what should be considered when filling it out.

1) Personal data

First, you have to provide personal data and contact information.

If you live outside of Germany, you can enter your foreign address. As a rule, the licensing authority will communicate with you via mail or via e-mail. If your address is outside of Germany, the correspondence will mostly take place via e-mail.

It is recommended to apply for the German licensure as early as possible, even if you are still abroad.

If you are in Germany and have a concrete job offer with a starting date, you can apply for a temporary license. This permit is limited in time and restricted to a specific job.


2) Statement regarding your application

In the application form, you must state whether you’ve already applied for a professional license or a temporary license in another federal state, because you can only submit your application in one federal state.

If you want to change your application from one federal state to another, a confirmation of employment is usually required. This is the only way your application will be processed by a different licensing authority. The new authority will request your documents from the old authority. It is possible that you’ll have to resubmit some documents.


3) Declaration of exemption from legal proceedings

The application form in some federal states requires that you confirm that you have no criminal record.


Finally, sign your application for licensure.

Notes: Make sure that you fill out the application form completely, correctly and legibly. You should submit your application with all necessary documents as complete as possible. This way, your application can be processed as fast as possible.

Some federal states offer the option to fill out the application form online. Please inform yourself on the website of your licensing authority.

Links to the German licensing authorities can be found at the end of the article Licensing procedure in Germany.