Providing proof of credibility

Proof of credibility means that you have to show to the federal licensing authority that you intend to work in that federal state. Only after providing this proof, will the licensing authority process your application.

The most common types of proof of credibility are presented and explained in this article.

Attention: Different types of proofs are accepted depending on the federal state!

Please familiarize yourself with the requirements for credibility by consulting the relevant licensing authority before submitting an application.

Links to the German licensing authorities can be found at the end of the article Licensing procedure in Germany.

What is a proof of credibility?

In this video, Dr. Ben explains what a proof of credibility is and which documents are considered as evidence for credibility.

Types of credibility evidence

1) Expression of interest for future employment

  • Invitation to an interview: You can demonstrate your professional intention to the licensing authority by applying to potential employers. If an employer is interested, you’ll usually be invited to a job interview. You can present this invitation as proof of credibility to the licensing authority.
  • Job offer: After a successful job interview, you may receive a job offer or be invited for job shadowing. The offer may include that you take over the position after you obtain your professional license. This type of proof is also accepted by some federal licensing authorities.
  • Employment contract: And finally, a contract of employment can in general be submitted to all federal licensing authorities as proof of your credibility.


2) Documentation of official consultation

  • Counseling certificate from the Federal Employment Agency: Outside of Germany, you have access to official consultation through the Service Center for Professional Recognition (ZSBA) as part of the Federal Employment Agency. After the official consultation you’ll receive a confirmation, endorsing your choice of location for your licensure application. The different licensing authorities accept this as proof of credibility.
  • Counseling certificate from the IQ-Network Baden-Württemberg: In Baden-Wuerttemberg, you can also send an e-mail with your career plans to one of the regional consultation centers run by the network "Integration through Qualification" and request an appointment. You can submit the documentation that you receive after the consultation to the licensing authority in Baden-Wuerttemberg as proof of your credibility.


3) German residence registration

The registration of your German residence is also accepted as proof in some federal states. If you’re already in Germany and have a permanent address, you can submit your residence registration from the registration office in the town you’re living to the licensing authority.


4) Confirmation of course enrolment

A confirmation of registration for enrolment in our courses, which is binding, counts as proof of credibility in some federal states. For this, you can register for our qualification programs online.