FIA Health Award for international students

How was the concept of the award conceived?

The Freiburg International Academy has taken on the task of promoting the professional integration of international healthcare professionals into the German healthcare system. We are convinced that this goal can be achieved more rapidly when they become familiar with the professional culture of the German healthcare system early on, i.e. already during their studies.

Over the course of several years, we have actively engaged with international student organizations within the academic healthcare sphere. This interaction unveiled the valuable potential harbored by students, prompting FIA to harness this potential.

Our aim is to commend students who exhibit exceptional social commitment and to kindle enthusiasm for this cause among a wider audience.

For this reason, we have established the FIA Health Award.


Aim of the award

The FIA Health Award seeks to acknowledge students and organizations that demonstrate exceptional dedication to addressing prevailing societal challenges. In pursuit of this objective, we are guided by the following primary aims:

  1. Promotion of innovation and cultural diversity
  2. Establishment of cross-border exchanges
  3. Development of sustainable ideas and projects



The FIA annually defines various areas of interest, including the operationalized specific criteria.


General procedure

  • Announcement: The FIA determines a main topic each year and publishes a call for applications for the award in September of each year.
  • Application: Medical, dental and pharmaceutical organizations can submit projects on the set theme.
  • Evaluation: A panel of experts evaluates the submitted project description, including all required documents, based on predefined criteria.
  • Award: The winning team is awarded with a monetary prize.

Contact information

For inquiries about the application process, interested organizations can reach out to us via email at

If you are interested in supporting this award, please contact us at