ECL certified German language test B2


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The international ECL examination system offers standardized language examinations adapted to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The examination system was developed by the ECL Consortium (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages), which is an association of higher education institutions and foreign language institutes, each representing one European language.

The development of the tests is subject to strict quality standards to guarantee that the various tests are reliable, valid and comparable with each other.

The examinations take place in presence at the locations in Essen, Frankfurt, Freiburg and Hanover.


Purpose of the test is to determine the language skills required for the health professions at the B2 level.

Content and duration

The ECL language test B2 consists of four parts:


Partial written test

1) Reading comprehension

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Number of texts: 2
  • Number of words (without instructions, examples and task): 800 - 1000 in total
  • Number of items: 20 (10 per task)

The examination part includes two tasks with ten items each. The candidate must prove that he/she understands texts of general content adapted to the respective level without a dictionary or other aids.


2) Written communication

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of tasks: 2
  • Number of words: 300 (150 words per task)

The exam candidates have the task to write two texts (e.g.: forum posts, e-mails) based on four guiding points each. Candidates are allowed to use a monolingual or bilingual dictionary to solve the tasks.


Partial oral examination

3) Listening comprehension

  • Duration : about 25 - 30 minutes
  • Number of listening texts: 2
  • Number of words (without instructions, examples and tasks): total 800 - 1000
  • Number of items: 20 (10 per task)

The examination part comprises two tasks with ten items each. The candidate must demonstrate that he/she understands spoken texts adapted to the respective level.


4) Oral communication

  • Duration (for two examination candidates): approx. 18 - 20 minutes
  • Duration (for three examination candidates): approx. 18 - 20 minutes
  • Duration (for one examination candidate): approx. 18 - 20 minutes
  • Number of tasks: 2

The Oral Communication partial test is conducted in the form of a pair test. The test candidates have the opportunity to name their test partners and to note this on the registration form. If this is not done, the candidates will be randomly assigned.


Procedure of the examination part Oral communication

Part 1: Introduction

The main objective of this task is to get the exam candidates in the mood for the exam. The introduction is not evaluated.


Part 2: Guided conversation

At the beginning of the guided conversation, an test candidate is asked to draw a card. The moderator then clicks the exam set with the same number in the computer. The examination set contains both the topic of conversation and the visual material.

The moderator names the topic of conversation and the questions that go with it. The exam candidates have the task of conducting a conversation on the topic.


Part 3: Independent expression on a topic

The test candidates express themselves individually in the form of a monologue on the topic of the picture composition. If necessary, the moderator can give the candidates further suggestions with additional questions appropriate to the level.

ECL task types and text types

Reading Comprehension

Task types:

  • Assignment
  • Cloze text
  • Questions about the text

Text types: advertisements, articles, reports, blog entries, letters, news, newspaper articles


Written communication

The types of texts to be created: reports, e-mails, forum posts


Listening comprehension

Task types:

  • Multiple choice task (3 components)
  • Questions about the text

Reports, talks, information events, interviews, short lectures, news, popular science programs, presentations, speeches, reports


Oral communication

Task types: Introductory interview (will not be graded)

  1. Task: dialogic speaking (guided conversation based on a topic)
  2. Task: monologic speaking (expression of opinion based on a picture composition)

Examination Board, result, repetition, certificate

The members of the board of examiners (trained language teachers) assess the exam according to a uniform structured scheme. The candidate will be informed promptly about the result. In the case of passing an examination certificate will be issued and the participant can start according to the qualification plan the continuing course “Preparation Professional Language Test”. If the language test is not passed, it must be repeated.


  • The costs of the first language test are included in the course fees for participants.
  • 150,- Euro in case of non-participation in the Compact Course German for Health Care Professionals B2 or in case of a repeat examination of the participants.

Cancellation: Cancellation of an agreed examination date is not possible. The examination costs must be paid in full and cannot be reimbursed.


To take the test, please register via the following email: