Intensive Course Preparation Dental Knowledge Test

0,- € (funded)
12 weeks (full-time)
600 teaching units
max. 30
Essen, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Landshut, online
Employment Agency / Jobcenter (education voucher)
Course number:

Essen: 343 / 196 / 2022

Freiburg: 617 / 65 / 2023

Heidelberg: 624 / 133 / 2023

Landshut: on request

Free course registration

Register for a course free of charge and receive a qualification offer from our consulting team for your education voucher application at the employment agency or jobcenter.

Registering and receiving funding is only possible if you are a resident of Germany.



This funded course prepares foreign dentists comprehensively for the Professional Knowledge Test to obtain the German medical license (Approbation) as well as for the medical working life.

Course contents

After introduction to the test conditions and the handling of the test questions, comprehensive dental knowledge of the main test subjects of internal medicine and surgery with subjects of the possible examination electives in the classroom instruction will be imparted. In addition, the most common clinical cases in Germany and their treatment algorithms are explained.

Practical training

In the dental practice laboratory, the practical skills in dental simulation units with phantom heads are intensively trained in a two-week practical course under the guidance of specialist lecturers (six training units per day).

The practical part always takes place in Freiburg (also for courses in Essen and Heidelberg)!

This video is available in German only.


The e-learning serves to consolidate the newly acquired dental knowledge in the classroom instruction through different individual online exercises.

The course consists of 12 online learning modules, which can be independently retrieved and solved. The medical content is based on the test-relevant topics and common questions of the Knowledge Test.

Teaching material

The following textbooks are included in the course fees:

  • Einführung in die Zahnerhaltung: Prüfungswissen Kariologie, Endodontologie und Parodontologie


Lecturers are qualified dentists or professors with an appropriate degree (i.e German professional license) and educational aptitude.

Entry requirements

If you do not have a recognised language or professional language certificate, you can take a free placement test. The test is held online.


After completing the course a knowledge test can be taken at the licensing authority responsible for your recognition procedure.

Qualification program certificate

After completing the course (attendance of at least 80%) participants receive a qualification program certificate.


The "Intensive Course Preparation Dental Knowledge Test" is AZAV certified and can be funded with an education voucher from an Employment Agency or Jobcenter. Various scholarships are available as well if you reside in Germany.

Find detailed information on course funding and on how to apply for funding from an Employment Agency or a Jobcenter.



To secure course quality, participants evaluate the course after course completion on the e-learning platform. Results are discussed with teachers / lecturers responsible for the course.