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What does Lucia Alvarez Ramos actually do?

Lucia Alvares Ramos
Lucia Alvares Ramos
Lucia Alvares Ramos

The 29-year-old doctor, Lucia Alvarez Ramos, from Guadalajara, Mexico, came to Germany in 2016 to pursue her specialist medical training alongside her husband, who is also a doctor. After completing her general medicine studies in Mexico, the couple spent ten months learning German and then applied for internships at various German hospitals. Fortunately, both of them secured positions and received visas to come to Germany for five months. Following this, they both completed the IQ preparatory course for the knowledge examination for doctors at the Freiburg International Academy (FIA). Lucia Alvarez Ramos shares their journey since then in the interview.


How did you come to qualify for the IQ examination for doctors?

My husband and I contacted the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg and submitted our documents there. Subsequently, we were recommended to attend the doctor's preparatory course at FIA.


What did you do or learn there?

This course was an excellent preparation for the examination. We covered all the content that later proved important for the knowledge examination. The professors were all very kind and always helpful, the selection of books was perfect, and the support from IQ was, of course, extremely helpful! That was a great relief.


What happened after your qualification?

After completing the FIA course in 2018, I had to retake my specialist language examination in early 2019 because I was working in a different federal state, and my previous exam wasn't counted. In March 2019, I successfully passed my knowledge examination in Ulm. Now, I work as a resident doctor in endocrinology at Heidelberg University Hospital.


What do you wish for in the future?

I hope that my husband and I can complete our specialist medical training together and find job placements. Otherwise, we'll see how things progress and are very curious. We are very grateful to FIA and the IQ Network for the opportunity to take the course and receive their support.


Interview from "vernetzt" (Issue 2/2020) of the IQ Network Baden-Württemberg

Photo: Lucia Alvarez Ramos