Insurance & blocked account for the visa

FIA-Insurance: insurance coverage and blocked account for all phases of your professional recognition

Full info on FIA-Insurance

On you will find suitable insurance coverage for your stay in Germany and have the opportunity to set up a blocked account quickly and easily. A competent consulting team is available to answer your questions right from the start.

Range of offers

When applying for a German visa, you need to observe special formalities. FIA-Insurance, together with its partners, offers following support:

  1. Travel health insurance: Proof of health insurance is mandatory for visa approval. Within a few minutes, you can easily register online on FIA-Insurance and immediately receive the confirmation needed for the authorities by e-mail.
  2. Blocked account: For visa approval, you must prove that your livelihood is secured for at least one year. Opening a German blocked account is the easiest way to do so. Visit FIA-Insurance and apply for a blocked account in just a few steps. Our qualification program participants will receive a FIA bonus of 49 € when opening both travel health insurance and a blocked account with FIA-Insurance.
  3. Additional options: FIA-Insurance offers coverage for the entire period of your stay in Germany and also provides further options for coverage. For example, think about an entitlement insurance or liability insurance especially for interns. You will find these and many more options on FIA-Insurance.

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