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FIA-Insurance is a cooperation of four experienced and renowned experts for qualifying and insuring (travel health insurance and blocked account) international health care professionals in Germany, namely Freiburg International Academy gGmbH, Barmenia Versicherungen, VIACTIV Krankenkasse and DR-WALTER GmbH.

  • Who is it for?

    All international health care professionals and their accompanying spouses and children can take out FIA-Insurance.

  • When does it apply?

    FIA-Insurance offers solutions for all different phases of the recognition process.

    Before arrival in Germany, during the qualification process as well as after professional recognition.

  • Who is it offered by?

    FIA-Insurance is a cooperation of four experienced and renowned experts.

    Combined expertise of Freiburg International Academy gGmbH, Barmenia Versicherungen, VIACTIV Krankenkasse and DR-WALTER GmbH.


When you apply for a German visa, special formalities need to be observed. Together with our partners, we offer you following support with FIA-Insurance:

  1. Travel health insurance: Proof of health insurance commencing on the date of entry is necessary for visa issuing. Choose the best solution for you from various insurance packages. The insurance coverage meets all legal requirements and can be conveniently adjusted to your needs during your stay in Germany. You can easily register online from abroad in just a few minutes, even if you do not yet have an address and bank details in Germany. You will receive the corresponding confirmation for the authorities immediately by e-mail.
  1. Blocked account: You must prove that your livelihood is secured for at least one year for your visa to be issued. Opening a German blocked account is the easiest way to do so.  A blocked account is opened with Expatrio, one of the largest providers of blocked accounts on the German market. Fees for a blocked account are €49 for setup and €5 monthly.

Our qualification program participants will receive a €49 FIA bonus if both travel health insurance and blocked account are arranged with FIA-Insurance.

A competent consulting team will assist you with your questions right from the start. Feel free to contact us in German or English.


A strong partner for you

Barmenia Versicherungen

Barmenia Versicherungen is one of the largest independent insurance groups in Germany. As one of the largest employers in Wuppertal, the companies employ around 3,800 employees throughout Germany. The range of insurance products extends from health and life insurance to liability, accident and property insurance.

Barmenia's health insurance tariffs are very popular with doctors because, among other things, they provide no limitation of the German Scale of Medical fees (GOÄ) and also provide cover for longer periods abroad. Barmenia is one of the leading insurers of physicians in Germany.

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VIACTIV Krankenkasse

As Germany's sports health insurance company, VIACTIV accompanies people on their journey towards a more active life. Our satisfied customers value that we inspire them in terms of their health and support them in finding new ways to stay fit in the long term. How we do that: With the courage to change, innovative concepts and a team that is always there for you with its expertise. Discover what’s in you and grow beyond yourself every day - with us at your side!

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DR-WALTER is a recognized expert throughout Germany in the insurance of private and business trips and stays abroad. Every year, many thousands of people rely on the good protection and personal advice of DR-WALTER and its 100 employees.

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