FIA language tests

At FIA you can take the tests after the general language courses (German for Health Care Professionals) A1 – B2 at all training locations where the courses take place.

At the training location in Frankfurt you can also take the Professional Language Test C1, (Patient Communication Test / PKT) in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

ECL German B2 language tests (certified by ALTE) can be taken at the FIA ECL test centers in Essen, Frankfurt, Hanover and Freiburg.

General language tests

  • Sprachprüfung A1

    Language Test A1

  • Sprachprüfung A2

    Language Test A2

  • Sprachprüfung B1

    Language Test B1

  • Sprachprüfung B2

    Language Test B2

  • Icon Kachel ECL

    Language Test B2 ECL

Professional language tests

  • Sprachprüfung C1

    Professional Language Test PKT C1