FIA language tests

At FIA you can take the tests after the general language courses (German for Health Care Professionals) A1 – B2 at all training locations where the courses take place.

ÖSD German B2 language tests can be taken at the FIA ÖSD test center in Freiburg.

ECL German B2 language tests can be taken at the FIA ECL test centers in Essen, Frankfurt, Hanover and Freiburg.

At the training location in Frankfurt you can also take the Professional Language Test C1, (Patient Communication Test / PKT) in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, as well as the Professional Language Test B2 Nursing.

General language tests

  • Sprachprüfung A1

    Language Test A1

  • Sprachprüfung A2

    Language Test A2

  • Sprachprüfung B1

    Language Test B1

  • Sprachprüfung B2

    Language Test B2

  • Icon Kachel B2 ÖSD

    Language test B2 ÖSD

  • Icon Kachel B2 ECL

    Language Test B2 ECL

Professional language tests

  • Icon Kachel FSP B2

    Professional Language Test B2 Nursing

  • Icon Kachel FSP C1

    Professional Language Test PKT C1