Rent your own phantom head with everything included

Are you a dentist and want to practice your practical skills at home for the professional knowledge test? But you lack the equipment and instruments? No problem! With our FIA practice set, consisting of a phantom head, micromotor, and handpieces, you can easily continue practicing at home!

Content of the FIA practice set

Our FIA practice set for your home consists of:

  • Frasaco phantom head with table mount
  • Dental models (without teeth) *
  • Micromotor with foot pedal (NSK Vivamate G5) in a case **
  • Red handpiece (NSK S-Max M95) with light
  • Green handpiece (NSK S-Max M15) without light
  • Handpiece (NSK S-Max M6)
  • Dental basic set (mirror, dental probe, PA probe, tweezers)
  • FIA preparation set from Komet
  • Syringe for water cooling

* You will receive the dental models without teeth. Teeth and other consumables can be ordered online from dental suppliers. We are happy to provide you with the contact information for a dental depot where you can place your order directly.

** Please note that the micromotor is not equipped with water cooling, so you can only perform preparations at a reduced speed. Due to the lack of water cooling during preparation, you will need to take breaks periodically to clean the tooth of dust. A water syringe is included in the practice set. The micromotor can be powered either by a power cable or the integrated battery.

Further information on the phantom head, micromotors, and handpieces can be found in the following manual:

Renting the practice set:

We would be delighted to support you on your way to the professional knowledge test with our FIA practice set. If you are interested, please send us a message at

If you are interested, we need the following information from you:

  • Last name, first name
  • When would you like to rent the practice set?
  • How long would you like to rent the practice set?
  • Which dental models do you need?

After transferring the rental fee (€250 per month) and deposit (€500), you can pick up the practice set in person at our training center in Freiburg and return it at the end of the rental period. The deposit will be refunded to you after the devices and instruments have been technically inspected. You can find our training center in Freiburg here:

Freiburg International Academy gGmbH
Dental Training Center
Adlerstraße 6
79098 Freiburg


Immediately before the practical examination, we recommend practicing all exam tasks again in a dental practice.