Our teaching concept – FIA educational standards

The teaching of the Freiburg International Academy is specially designed for foreign health care professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing in order to prepare them for the obligatory professional language and knowledge tests for the recognition of their professional qualifications in Germany. In addition, social and intercultural skills are taught in order to optimally prepare our participants for everyday professional life in medical practices and hospitals.

The structuring of the overarching and specific learning objectives of theoretical competences is based on the Bloom Taxonomy. Thus, the teaching units or lessons can be clearly planned and the learning process can be regularly monitored.

The Miller Pyramid serves as the basis for structuring the overarching and specific learning objectives of practical competence so that practical skills can be demonstrated and trained in our simulation units.

Through regular evaluations of our courses by participants and teachers our scientifically based teaching concepts are continuously developed and a high quality of teaching ensured.

Qualified teaching personnel

Our lecturers are qualified physicians, dentists and pharmacists with corresponding degrees, including German approbation and pedagogical aptitude. They have extensive knowledge of the legal conditions and professional requirements of all recognition examinations for foreign experts. They also have experience with the recognition process and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of immigrant health care professionals.

Our teachers are qualified language teachers with appropriate degrees and pedagogical qualifications. They use diverse, innovative teaching methods and support the learning progress of our participants individually.


The Freiburg International Academy uses e-learning as a supportive measure in connection with classroom instruction (blended learning) for the repetition of study-relevant learning content. To this end, we provide our participants with the open knowledge platform ILIAS, a flexible learning and working environment with integrated tools.

The combination of different media forms of mediation facilitates the examination of the subject matter and supports the ability to remember. Abstract content can be visualized by means of simulations and individual learning (learning speed, sequence of learning contents) is made possible.

Interactive learning and explanatory videos enable a better reception of knowledge through the coupling of different senses. The presentation of complex content can be more exciting, entertaining and efficient through interactivity and actively involves the participants.

Integrated into the learning modules are clips, audios, graphics, images and texts with technical language exercises and examination-relevant content. Assignment questions, cloze texts, classic single- and multiple-choice assignments complete the learning experience and ensure a high impact and a high learning commitment. This stimulates cognitive processes that help maintain participants' motivation.

Practice-oriented training

Practical exercises are an integral part of our teaching concept in combination with classroom teaching and e-learning to ensure multidimensional and action-oriented learning. Practical skills are also part of the recognition test for foreign health care professionals.

Dental laboratory

The Freiburg International Academy, with its dental training center in Freiburg, offers international dentists the opportunity to optimally prepare for the knowledge test with practical exercises. Under simulated conditions of a dental practice, all cases from professional practice in the fields of restorative dentistry, prosthetics, periodontology and dental surgery can realistically be recreated. In the simulation exercises the participants are supervised and instructed by experienced lecturers.

The practice room is equipped with 15 modern simulation units from Dentsply Sirona (SIM EASY SIROTorque L +). The exercises are performed on phantom heads (PK2) and tooth models (ANKA 4) of the company Frasaco.

All necessary tools and materials are provided for the practical exercises. Each participant works alone with one unit during the course with their own set of instruments. The preparations are performed with diamond grinders from Komet Dental company.