Participant comments

  • Nisha Tabassum

    « I am glad to have taken part in the FSP and KP courses at FIA. Even though the courses took place online because of Covid-19 they really helped me get along. I would like to thank Prof. Kreisel as I have learned a lot from him. I am very thankful for achieving my goal. Lastly, I would like to share an encouragement: When we want something we don‘t have we will need to do something we have never done before. Success is no coincidence, FIA is success. »

    Nisha Tabassum from India
    passed the medical knowledge test on December 04, 2020 in Freiburg
  • Hazar Alahmed

    « FIA really played a big role for my success and I am very grateful to my lecturers and the whole team at FIA. I can't think of a better statement than Prof. Farhan's: success is not a coincidence, success is FIA. Whenever possible, I tell how much FIA helped me on my way to professional recognition. If I can support FIA in any way, I will do so immediately and very gladly. »

    Hazar Alahmed from Syria
    passed the dental knowledge test on December 9, 2020 in Upper Bavaria
  • Izziddeen Ahmad

    « I can say that I am very grateful to FIA. Many thanks to the whole team at the Academy, especially to Prof. Farhan and to all my lecturers. And, as everyone says: FIA is the way to success. »

    Izziddeen Ahmad from Syria
    passed the professional language test in medicine on February 18, 2021 in Freiburg
  • Sohini Sancheti

    « I took two courses at FIA, the preparation course for the professional language test and for the professional knowledge test. Therefore, I passed both test on my first attempt. Of course, my success was no coincidence. Both courses were excellent – always well planned and organized, informative and at the same time test-oriented. My sincere thanks goes out to FIA, FIA’s location management and especially to the teachers and lecturers for their guidance and support. I recommend this course to all of my colleagues. »

    Sohini Sancheti from India,
    passed the dental knowledge test on December 20, 2020 in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Omar Sawas

    « I took part in the online preparation course for the knowledge test and found it very interesting and helpful. The online course is conducted very well and covers all the important topics a physician needs to know for the exam. »

    Omar Sawas from Jordan,
    Compact Course Preparation Medical Knowledge Test (online course) 02.03. to 22.05.2020 in Freiburg
  • Sayabold Batmunkh

    « The online course was very useful and helpful. I thank FIA and all the professors. »

    Sayabold Batmunkh from Mongolia,
    Intensive Course Preparation Medical Knowledge Test (online course) 02.03. to 22.05.2020 in Freiburg
  • Vesa Stana

    « The training at FIA was excellent with good interaction. The course was practical, informative and always up-to-date and exam-oriented. The course helped to build trust, provided a valuable experience and learning situation. The team, in particular Dr. Dörr, made me feel at home and I met good colleagues and friends at FIA, too. I definitely recommend this training to my colleagues! »

    Vesa Stana from Albania,
    passed the dental knowledge test on July 22, 2020 in Baden-Württemberg
  • Soma Abdullah

    « I attended a B1 online course at FIA, which was so informative and helpful. My teacher was so nice and gave her very best. At the end of the course my language skills were not the same as they were in the beginning. It was a pleasure for me to be at FIA. I would like to commence my next online course with you. »

    Soma Abdullah from Iraq,
    German for Health Care Professionals B1 (online course) 30.03. to 22.05.2020 from Iraq
  • Tisha Stanzel

    « Finally I passed the knowledge test! For me, it was particularly difficult because I have been working in ophthalmology for a long time. I failed the test twice before. Fortunately, I prepared at FIA this time. The preparation course helped me a lot, which is why I have reached my goal now! Thank you very much Prof. Farhan. Thank you very much FIA! It is evident ... success is no coincidence! »

    Tisha Stanzel from Thailand,
    passed the medical knowledge test on July 25, 2020 in Saarland