Registration for qualification program


Approbation Service

For participants of the FIA, we will forward their application free of charge to the responsible recognition authority.

If you require a German visa, the proof of receipt of your documents from the recognition authority is helpful for your visa application.

If you want to obtain the FIA approbation service, proceed as follows:

  1. Write an e-mail to Tell us that you want to use the approbation service and indicate in which state you would like to submit the application for recognition.

    Note: When registering, we have sent you extensive information by e-mail on how to apply for the recognition from abroad and how to select the appropriate German federal state. 
  2. We will send you the application form, including a list of all the documents you need to enclose with the application.
  3. Complete the application form and compile the necessary documents for your application for recognition.
  4. Send the completed application form and related documents to the FIA:

    Freiburg International Academy gGmbH
    FIA Approbationsservice

    Talstraße 4
    79102 Freiburg

  5. The FIA will check the completeness of your documents and confirm that you have sent your application for approval to the responsible recognition authority. You will then receive an proof of receipt directly from the recognition authority (on the e-mail address you provided in the application form or per mail if you have provided a German postal address).

    Note: It is usually difficult to get a recognition letter if you are still abroad. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for the German visa only with a proof of receipt and then continue to take care of your application for recognition after arriving in Germany.

Important Instructions:

  • Never send original documents, but only certified copies! As a rule, you will not get back the documents you submit to the recognition authority.
  • The FIA does not provide an attestation and translation service.
  • The FIA does not take over the communication between you and the recognition authority.