Professional Language Test B2 Nursing

Here you can find out everything about costs, contents and registration for our Professional Language Test B2 Nursing at the training center in Frankfurt.


Participants of the FIA professional language courses as well as external exam participants who have already taken the PKT and failed it must register by e-mail via their contact person or the following e-mail address:

External exam participants who do not take part in the FIA professional language courses must register via the online registration form:

Registration Professional Language Test B2 Nursing for external via online registration



Purpose of the test is to determine B2 professional language skills required in professional nursing.


The Professional Language Test B2 Nursing is a practice-oriented communication test consisting of three parts.

Test part 1

Written documentation  / duration: 20 minutes

Using a patient summary information sheet, the examinee has to write a report.

Test part 2

Patient consultation and instructions  / duration: 20 minutes

In a simulated face-to-face conversation, the examinee has to explain patient consulation and instructions to the patient’s relatives.

Test part 3

Patient handover / duration: 20 minutes

In a simulated face-to-face conversation with a supervisor, the examinee is to do a patient handover.

Total preparation time for parts two and three is 30 minutes.

In order to pass the test, at least 60% of the total score must be achieved in all three test parts.

Examination Board, result, repetition, certificate

The members of the Examination Board (trained language teachers and specialist examiners of the relevant departments) assess the examination according to a uniform, structured scheme and communicate the result to the examinee immediately after the examination. In the case of a B2 level, a certificate will be issued on the day of the test. In case of failure, the examination can be repeated as desired, but no earlier than three weeks after the test date.

Entry requirements

Language skills at least at the B1 level must be proven with a certificate (with a copy of the certificate at registration and the original on the day of the exam). A certificate of attendance is not sufficient.


450,- Euro

Cancellation: Cancellation of an agreed examination date is not possible. The examination costs must be paid in full and cannot be reimbursed.

Test location

Frankfurt, online